Casually experiencing Europe Revisions


I am officially on the “final” stretch of my time in London.  I have been studying my bum off attempting to make sure I am prepared to take the final exams.  

Exams are very different here, than back at home.  We get a month of “revision” prior to the month of finals.  I have five exams from May 1 – May 17th.  All of the exams here are 2 hours and 15 minutes long, and essay based.  

I have officially had my first two exams.  They were different than I had expected. Lecturers here expect a lot of application versus memorization.  This is great for me and my learning style, but there are many people who are frustrated by the tactics.  **IF YOU ARE NOT AN ESSAY TEST PERSON, DO NOT STUDY IN THE UK***

Enough of finals.  As my time is winding down more and more, it has become more apparent to me that my time is almost over.  I have been spending a lot of time outside and wandering around.  I am making sure that I am visiting Regents Park at least once a day, seeing Marble Arch and Oxford Street.  There is so much to do in London… it is so hard to believe that this amazing place has been my playground for the past 9 months.

From SoHo to Picadilly, all the way to the Burroughs, far cities, other EU countries and much much more, I have had the time of my life.  

I must get back to my revisions, but I will be writing again soon.  The writings will likely get more and more emotional as my time winds down more.

It is clear to say, I am having very mixed emotions in regards to returning to America after these 9 months away. Loads of thoughts and ideas race through my mind… Bittersweet.

Until next time!



PS: Tea has become a part of my daily life.