Casually planning for an American Return

As my time in London really begins to wind down, I am left to get myself ready for my return to America.  After being gone from the states for 8 months, it is really difficult to imagine my life before my London experience.  I am attempting to mentally prepare for the future of my past.

I have been working, calling and emailing like never before.  I have been skype interviewing and preparing my life for my final year of college.  This has by far been the most stressful London experience yet.  Attempting to communication and converse with people on a daily basis that are 6 hours behind your time makes it very difficult to make things happen.

As of today, I have 48 days left in London.  I have never felt a count down until my last day of class here. I now feel as though there is so much I have yet to experience in this magnificent city!  I currently aspire to explore one new part of London a day.  This task has been an absolute ball!  It is not hard to find new ventures in London… there are always new experiences, places, restaurants, and much more to see each and every day.  I have been told many times from people who have lived in London their whole life, that they still see new things at least once a week.

This week, I was doing a little shopping on Oxford Street and found myself in SoHo.  I had NEVER known the short cut I found while venturing, but sure was glad I saw it.  There were cute pubs, small shops, cafe’s and much much more on my venture.  I also, randomly, found myself walking through London’s very own Red Light district.  Though, Red Light districts are not the classiest of areas, they never fail to give you a new outlook on the world!

I am planning a trip to Southampton, England over the next few days.  This is where the Titanic set sail from.  They are very famous for their Titanic Memorial and a very very old cemetery.  They also have a great pier and port.  Hopefully I will be able to see the sun while hanging out on the coast!

I am also heading to Krakow, Poland on the 15th.  I am VERY excited for this trip.  I will likely be writing about that in my next entry.

For now, I must continue to catch up on my sleep.  We have been done with classes since April 4, so I am taking advantage of my newly found freedom free time! Until next time.




London bear


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