Casually speaking Spanglish

Sorry for the laps in writing, the end of the semester is really kicking my butt!

Since I last wrote, my best reins had returned home and my mum and sister have arrived. It is so great to have them here with me! I have not seen them in over 6 months, so you can imagine the emotions attached to their arrival!

We spent the first part of the week touring London. Unfortunately, London has decided to rear it’s bloody head and showcase the worst and coldest weather I have seen yet in my 6.5 months here! I felt as though I was back in North Dakota with the gusting winds and frigid cold! Nonetheless, London is still fabulous!

My mum, sister and I managed to site see Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, the eye, along with random roaming. This is my sisters first time in Europe, so it was brilliant to see her take in the city.

We arrived today in Barcelona, Spain. To our dismay, the poor weather followed us. It has been raining since we arrived :/ We are now catching up n some much needed sleep and rest, and will wake up early tomorrow to do a hop on hop off bus tour of this magnificent city!

I am so excited to see what Barcelona offers, Have so far bee impressed with every country I have visited while n mainland Europe! I am hoping for some warm weather and sun tomorrow!

I am am so excited to continue speaking with my mildly broken Spanish and learning new phrases, I am conversational in Spanish, but far from fluent! Every time I visit a Spanish speaking country I look forward to going home with a new phrase learned… We will see what the phrase is from here!

I will report back this weekend. I am planning to spend St.Patrick’s day with a group of Orish guys I met at school. Nothing beats a great week full of family, Spanish friends, and St.Patty’s day with the Irish!

Adios amigos!


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