Casually Strolling Through Paris

This past weekend I was lucky enough to spend my time in Paris, France!  it was unbelievable!  I was amazed by the architecture, culture and food!  Though I was only able to spend 2 days in the city… I wouldn’t trade it for a moment! (I would recommend the city to anyone studying in Europe)

While in Paris, I climbed the stairs of the Eiffel Tower, toured the Louvre, roamed the city streets, attended a Six Nations Rugby game (the superbowl of rugby), searched through Notre Dame, **Shopped, experienced night life AND got a lesson in the Paris Metro (which proved to be quite different than the London Tube).

*If you’d like more information on Paris, comment on my blog, and I will post more next time*

Aside from Paris, I have been getting ready for my best friend to come and visit from UND.  This is his first time to Europe, so I am very excited to show him around London.  We are lucky enough to be taking a trip to Dublin this coming weekend, so he will get a chance to experience London and Dublin all in one trip.

I am ecstatic for a visit from home!  I have officially gone 6 months with no family contact (aside from Facebook, Skype and Whatsapp).  I am so excited to post some pictures of Zach and I around London and Dublin!  There is nothing better than the excitement of picking a friend up from the airport and being able to show them “your city”.

I will be sure to blog again this week with more picture from my site seeing!

Until we meet again!





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