First 2 Weeks of Classes Mixed With Some Culture

This semester, I have decided to challenge myself more with upper level classes.  As it turns out, I am one of very few American’s in my classes now.  This has proved to be a very different educational structure than I have dealt with before.  There is a lot more learning put into group work and self teach than I am used to.  The many different cultural backgrounds of group members has shown to bring a lot of different dynamics to our projects as well.

Aside from classroom challenges, or to be better put, classroom learning opportunities, this semester has been great!  I am currently taking classes from professors that have great, real life experience in the marketing field.  The professors really look at each student as though we are adults driving into our own futures.  This is so great and refreshing to encounter, and something that I find very different from the American college system.

Moving on to life in London, I have been venturing out and taking more walks lately.  I have really made it a goal of mine to uncover some of the greatest “hidden secrets” of London.  Turns out, there are many, MANY streets that I have never walked along here.

 I also have been attempting to get to more markets.  Today, I visited the “Camden Market” (one of my favorites) and was able to bargain my way through some great purchases!  I have a sunglass fetish, so I tend to stop at each vendor and see what they have for cute sunglass deals. 

On to the most exciting part of my week, I have officially booked a trip to Dublin, Ireland for a measly $200 (hostel and flight).  I am so excited to go and cannot wait to tell all about my adventures!  I also planned my trips for the semester.  I budgeted $1,100 total for 9 countries.  I will post my destinations as I book them!  

I am very excited to see where else this semester will take me!  So far, this has been a trip of a lifetime… with many more Holidays to come!

Until next time!







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